Salmon Species – Coho (silver)  (Oncorhynchus kisutch)

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    Coho spawn in over half the coastal 1500 streams in British Columbia.  They migrate to sea after spending one to two years Coho Salmonin freshwater, spending another 18 months to two  years at sea.

    Coho generally return as mature adults after two years, those returning earlier are referred to as "Jacks".

    Coho (or silver) salmon are powerfully built, and they can jump falls that most salmon cannot negotiate. They have small black spots on their backs and the upper lobe of the tail fin. The gums at the base of the teeth are white. Although sea run coho have silver sides, spawning males develop bright red sides and greenish backs. Spawning females are paler. The jaws of spawning males often become grotesquely hooked.

    Mature coho average 8-10 lbs. but it is not unusual to find fish exceeding 20 lbs. in Sooke waters.


    The Coho Salmon, shown on the map in red, move northward as juveniles staying approximately 40 km's from shore. Mature Coho returning to their natal streams in the spring stay within 160 km's from the North American coast line.

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